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Day 1 - Mallorca, Spain

As promised today was day one of my journey here in Mallorca, Spain.

We arrived late morning, got settled in, put our bikes together, skipped lunch and went for a short ride with a 4 mile climb. 

The ride today was only a warm up and a way of getting the legs moving after a long flight. We covered 30 miles and it was absolutely beautiful. I was taken back by the awesome view just outside our hotel. The Mediterranean Sea is directly in front of the hotel and was on my right the whole way out to the first climb of the trip. In one short ride I was welcomed by countless switchbacks and unnerving descents.

I have a bit of a hard time with descents and with the roads so smooth your wheel seems to roll faster than normal.

Riding back to the hotel I was asked by my buddy Paul Levine what I thought of the short little ""wake me up ride"

All I could say was, " Are all the roads this smooth and is the entire island this beautiful?" Paul's response was, " I guarantee you will be telling me tomorrow, what took me so long to get here! "

Great, gigantic buffet dinner ( Peter this has your name all over it) and a couple of vino's with Matt Long, my wife and the rest of my new climbing friends, now off to bed for 100 miles in the morning.


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