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Day 2 - Mallorca, Spain

It is 9:10 pm here in Mallorca and boy am I ready for bed.

Today's ride was cut short because of a triathlon (damn triathletes) that climbed the "monastery mountain" we were supposed to go up. The GPM 10 tour group found another climb to substitute the monastery climb and we finished with 75 nice and smooth rolling miles. We rode through quite a few olive groves, saw every animal that you can name and could not believe the number of cyclists I passed, was passed by and saw on either side of the road from the moment we left the hotel this morning.

Words can not describe the roads I was on today and the simplicity was matched by the beauty of the narrow streets we ventured on through many a town.

Reminding my of the narrow, european streets in Italy. I must admit I held back today thinking I was riding 100 miles and when I was told we were 20k from the hotel I followed the lead of the lead pack and worked hard the rest of the way home. Got off the bike, then ran four miles with Vicki Tiase and Betsy along the Mediterranean and back. Finished this blessed day with a relaxing 1500 meter swim!

The day was complete with a couple of beers with all of the campers, my awesome wife and the GPM Tour group. We ate non stop at the buffet dinner and now I am off to bed.

Tomorrows ride is supposed to EPIC!

Tons of switch backs, descents (ugh, I am already braking) and climbs lasting 9 - 15 miles with a 5 - 8 % grade.

Good night and wish all you were here.


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