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Day 3 - Mallorca, Spain

Today I officially became a road cyclist! 

I can not give a decent review of what I experienced today. The climbs were epic and absolutely God like!

If you don't believe in a higher power you would after a ride like I was on today. There is someone absolutely responsible for the magnificent world we all live, work and play on! 

The simplicity and beauty was beyond description..... The water was blue and I mean blue! The roads were perfect and I mean perfect! The tress, temperature and company on the ride was being at a childhood birthday never wanted it to end! The temperature was perfect....mid 60's.

Picture sparkling rock formations, greenery, smooth roads, majestic turquoise water at the base of the decent beyond imagination!

Here are a few words of some of the campers of their experience today...........

Eric Zinczenko...I have worked for Bicycling Magazine and been around bikes a long time. This was my first trip to Mallorca and today's ride was the best of my life.  

Hello LITC, it's Matt Long - I'm on my third trip to Mallorca and its been a pleasure riding with your fearless leader. This is a bucket list trip for anyone that enjoys torture on a bike! Triangle safe and have a great season. If anyone sees Larry Parker he owes me $20...

Paul Silvestri, So Jose accompanied me up today's first climb. The climb itself was arduous but not overwhelming. At about 3 miles in length w/an average pitch hovering just under 7%, it nevertheless took some moxie to scale. Something about your instructor; Jose is a virtual beast. He became "Mr Chattey", asking questions w/out taking a pause to breath or the time to ponder and consider in that preoccupied mind of his, (with the scenery, sounds and monumental moment shared) that I was a suffering dog! Forget today's effort, the second climb was twice as long mind you and with a stiff headwind it required much more focus and effort, Mr Chattey brought home the utter and simple realization for me today that I witnessed the wonderment of a child in a 50 year old man whose time has yet to fully ripen!

Yay! So excited to be riding with coach Jose - especially since he guided me through my first stints of long distance riding over 10 years ago! This is my second trip to Majorca and after rides all over Arizona, Boulder, Northern California and Switzerland - this is by far the best place to ride on earth. Today was Sa Calabra - ridiculously picturesque, super challenging climbs and switchback descents. Nothing much better. If you are a bike rider - it's a must!!!

These are just a few great people on this trip and I thought it would be nice to give another perspective on the camp.

Here are some numbers from today's ride

We covered 70 miles We climbed 6800' Temperature ranged from 50 to 40 to high 60's Top speed 55 miles per hour We did an average of 7.4 % grade for 9 miles Age range 25 to 66 We have the highest ranking seal on the ride - master chief.....he trains the seals and is a beast! We have a soon to be ordained minister We have the NJ master State champion on the ride We have the top 10 Paris Roubais junior 23 and under We have Matt, national speaker and I WILL Foundation founder We have the following representation.....Boston, Germans, Scottish, Californians, New Yorkers, New Jersey, Swiss, Maryland, Chicago.....there may be more.

I will give you more numbers as the week goes along. There will be more!

Ok, I am done and will end with how we flew the last 10 miles to the hotel with Paul pulling like a ROCK STAR........"I asked Matty how fast we were going thinking, the finish has to be soon and he said, " 27". Then within a few more minutes he put out three fingers..........that meant we were hitting 30 and climbing in speed! All I can say is the environment brings your level up a notch or two and the company combined with the spiritual aura makes this a must on your things to do.

Tomorrow, we ride 140k ......can't wait!

Good night,


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