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Girona - Day 1 - Hello Girona

Updated: May 23, 2019

I left work early at around 1pm to catch a 5pm flight. That was more than enough time. Brought all my luggage to work. Subway, to LIRR, to Air Train. Simple, smooth and without a hiccup I make it to the Airport. Pass security. I get a text from the boys. They told me they were having a little something to eat at Bobby Vans before the flight. I locate Bobby Vans and I walk in and find Peter, Jose, Lester, Rob drinking wine and eating steaks! We arrive in Barcelona and pick up our luggage relatively easy. We find a guy standing there waiting for us with the famous sign “The Service Course”. Off we went. The first thing I noticed about Spain was how clean it was. Big city, no garbage around. Unreal. Second was how green it was. Lush and full. Not even in Spain four hours and Jose, Peter, Hapi, Lester, Rob and I were on our bikes! Sick! We rode like little kids with big bright smiles on our faces. The plan was to test out the rental bikes and just make sure everything was set up properly. But we ended up riding for 30 miles!! Girona is beautiful. And its perfect for cycling. Smooth roads. Roundabouts for continuous traffic flow. And friendly drivers, something we noticed almost immediately. We checked in to our beautiful, recently renovated hotel. I was on the 3rd floor, room right next to Jose. Perfect spot. Just happened that way. Jose was hyped and found out that there was a gym 2 buildings down from the hotel. Guess what, cross fit session! 15 minutes and 10 euros later, Jose, Lester, Rob and I did a 60 minute cross fit session. We had 2 meals in Girona so far. Food was out of this world! Freah. Delicious. Nice portions. I discovered tastebuds that I had no idea existed! I felt so blessed to be in Girona, Spain.

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