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Girona Day 3 - Christian’s Ocean Loop, down goes Ken

We were ready for our first big ride. 70 miles plus! We had overcast, but no threat of rain. Today Tristian said it would be the most scenic ride that we would be going on this trip. And boy was he right. We took the ocean route, which was actually Christian’s favorite route. It’s the route you can see carved into the bike shop wall when you walk in to the left. And we understood why it was his favorite. Ocean views, a challenging climb and an even more beautiful descent into town. As we waited at the top of the climb for everyone to make there way up, we saw the professionals go up and over and start their descent instantly. Flying over the mountain! As Gerard  set his camera on Sport mode, we continued on. We stopped at the nice coffee/danish shop before heading back on the road. Lester and I lined up first and ate everything we could. We ordered an Americano each and enjoyed each others company at a table in the shop. This was obviously a local stop for cyclists as many were pulling up and leaving so they could recharge and take in some calories. On the way back we went through a series of little towns before making our way back to Girona. Unfortunately this is where we had our first accident. Ken Jones from our group went down. And he went down hard. He is a 60 year old tank of a man who got back up and pedaled for another 5 kilometers where he said the party was over for today. They were able to get a car back to the Service Course. The sun came back out and stayed out until we all returned from our 70 miles adventure. That wasn’t enough so we had to go out for a run!! After my run I got my first massage from Aurora. I was in heaven. Legs were jelly. All I needed was some food.


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