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Girona Day 4 - First taste of a serious climb

Updated: May 28, 2019

Woke up to a beautiful day in Girona. Birds were chirping, sun was shining. Today was going to be a good day. Good to be alive. And good to be in Girona. So La Fabrica had another stellar breakfast prepared for us. And today was exciting. It was our first Sag Wagon day. Our support vehicle was packed with all kind of goodies for us. Plus we could stash stuff in the car. Another overcast day, but it was dry. It was cool in temperature, perfect for another climbing day. We had an option to climb a pretty nice climb that Tristain recommended to the group. No guessing needed here, we were here in Spain to climb. We’re climbing bitches!!! I decided not hammer this climb as we had a couple big days ahead. Jose thought the same so we took it easy together. Our version of taking it easy is probably not that far off from working hard. This was yet another climb with scenic views of mountain tops and beautiful switch backs. But this time we got a treat. Goats!! All in the road!! Defending their turf. Like west side story!! They didn’t seem too concerned about crossing the road. And that’s the thing. there was never really any crazy traffic. Its like rush our did not exist in Girona. Barcelona had traffic. But in Girona and all these towns we rode through, were very few cars. Cyclist paradise! During this climb we had a turn off, an option to do some serious climbing - an out and back. It was very challenging and we all hung in there. It was great. Today was the day that Tristain’s photography skills really shone. He did a bunch of filming at all different angles, up hill and down dale. He really went above and beyond. Like Lester said “F*cking Crazy!”. We stopped off at another nice breakfast spot at the half way point. I had an amazing tuna baguette sandwich. It was outstanding. Of course an espresso to wash it down. The energy that everyone has and the passion for cycling shows very strong!


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