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Girona Day 6 - Save the best for last, Rocacobra!

Updated: May 28, 2019

Last day in Girona. It will be the longest day and we have the option for the biggest climb. One mile in there was an accident that involved Christine and Dana. Christine got the worst of it and had to call it a day. Dana, banged up, continued on. We headed out of Girona and into a series of small villages with long rolling hills. Stunning scenery. At the halfway point, we lost Hapi! Luckily, while I was filming one of my many videos, he happened to call. He was located at a roundabout. He said he passed through a second tunnel. The tour only went through one tunnel, Uh oh! No harm, no foul. Tristian rushed to his rescue and guided Hapi back to the group. How many times has Tristian saved our butts! We continued on to the base of the Pyrenees. More beautiful with every blink I take. We were tired but the beauty inspired us to continue pedaling. We needed to stop to refuel. So there was a last minute effort to find some nutrition and Dana needed to use the bathroom. We stop in the gas station and its a big hit!! Fresh prosciutto and bread!! Donuts! Cakes, sodas, choclate milk, all the yummy stuff! I will never forget this rest stop. Jose and Lester were in classic form. Peter took in the action, right there with the boys eating sandwiches prepared with love and sipping coca-cola. I have the pic to prove it! A short time after getting back on the road, Greg flats out. Lester to the rescue! He gave him a temporary plug that everyone was amazed with. Last but not least was the notorious RocaCorba climb. RocaCorba means “curved rock” in Catalan. Absolutely beautiful, but a sweaty pain to get up to the top. Sweat begin to burn my eyes. Probably the toughest climb I’ve ever done. After the climb, we were ready to call it a day. Most were finished. At this point we were at the highest climb we have done, sitting with 71 miles on our bike computers. One more lead out push by Lester, myself, Luis and Charlie O. Lester arrived at the Service shop with little time to get to his massage so he showered in the famous showers built at the Service Course. Christine, thank god, was fine. A lot of ice and a little loving from Ken did the trick. Just a little sore she was icing her shoulder. Amber and Kosar greeted us with beers and salami. A nice touch for our last voyage. I went to espresso mafia one last time for some mocha loving.


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