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Girona - Day 2 - Cyclist Paradise and Food, Food, Food!!

Breakfast was provided daily at 8:00 sharp. Amber opened up La Fabrica, special for us, so we could have a great meal before the day’s adventure. Every morning we came in and everything was perfectly prepared and waiting for us. Every breakfast looked like a work of art. This day we finally met our 3 guides, Tristan, Jonas, and Adam. Three cool ass dudes! None of them were originally from Girona; they were all transplants. All three could drop us at the drop of a dime. 3 strong dudes!! Today’s forecast was Sunny and beautiful. Johnny O was having seat issues. We stopped a couple times but our loop and scenery was so beautiful no one complained. We stopped by a lake that had some row teams practicing. Had some espressos and finished up our loop. 46 miles. Nice intro with the Air Force kits!!! Time for a run! Jose, Luis, Rob and I went for a run. 3 miles. We also found some pull up bars (of course) and did some pull ups and pushups during the run. We ran back through town and there was a wedding going on. We ran up steps to a church. We ran through the streets of Girona to familiarize ourselves with the surroundings. We were so hungry and got back sort of early from the short ride, we went to the square to eat. We ordered Paella, fish and beers, it was fantastic. Its like we cannot get bad food in this place.


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